Image Guided Biopsy

In many cases, an imaging technique, such as an ultrasound or MRI, is used in combination with a biopsy to provide the most accurate reading possible. The imaging helps guide the doctor to the area of the breast where cancer is suspected. 

These techniques are helpful for women with a suspicious area that is located in a difficult-to-reach area or in areas that can only be seen through an imaging technique.

What to Expect

mri_breast_biopWhile each biopsy is different, many biopsy patients are given a local anesthetic to numb the breast before the procedure. 

Many biopsies can be performed as an outpatient service, creating as little disturbance to the woman's everyday life.

All biopsies can cause bleeding and swelling. This can make it seem like the breast lump is bigger after the biopsy. This is usually nothing to worry about and the bleeding and bruising go away quickly in most cases.

Talk to your doctor about what specific type of biopsy is best for you and what you can expect it to be like.

Many types of imaging services are offered at Woman's.