Woman’s Hospital Offers Hurricane Preparedness Tips for New and Expecting Parents

June 01, 2023

With the start of hurricane season on June 1, Woman’s Hospital offers hurricane preparedness tips for new and expecting parents.

“Hurricane season is an especially stressful time for expectant mothers and families with newborns. We urge parents to create an emergency plan now to reduce stress later,” said Cheri Johnson, chief nursing officer of Woman’s Hospital.

In addition to the standard list of emergency supplies, Woman’s recommends provisions for pregnant women and infants such as:

  • Baby supplies including bottles, formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, clothes, and blankets
  • Extra bottled water and non-perishable foods such as protein bars, dried fruit and granola
  • Maternity items including clothing, prenatal vitamins 
  • Current over-the-counter and prescription medications
  • Emergency birthing supplies including clean towels and sheets, sharp scissors, infant bulb syringe, medical gloves and sanitary pads
  • Copies of all prenatal care records, ID’s, immunization records, current list of medications, insurance cards, and physician’s contact information

Should a medical emergency arise or evacuation become necessary, Woman’s recommends pregnant women plan ahead by:

  • Discussing their plan with their doctor, including if it’s safe to travel or best to seek shelter at a hospital.
  • Determining whether to go to an evacuation shelter, a hotel or to the home of a friend or family member who lives a safe distance away.Mapping your planned destination including alternative routes and preparing for up to four times the normal driving time.
  • Identifying contact information and locations of obstetrics physicians and hospitals near planned evacuation destinations.

Read Prenatal Hurricane Preparedness for more tips from Woman’s Hospital and learn more about Louisiana’s emergency preparedness resources at GetAGamePlan.org.