Exercise is Medicine Program

January 09, 2023

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Woman’s on Monday launched the Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) program, an evidence-based approach to fitness that enables participants to manage symptoms of chronic illness or disease as well as improve overall personal health. The program, located at Woman’s Center for Wellness on Jefferson Highway, is the first and only of its kind in the greater Baton Rouge area.

Created by the American College of Sports Medicine, EIM is a global initiative spanning roughly 40 countries to promote exercise as a standard in clinical care. Woman’s EIM program provides a bite-sized, accessible approach to exercise with three levels to fit every person’s health needs.

“This program truly is a miracle drug,” said Brooke Coogan, Director of Woman’s Center for Wellness. “Physicians tell their patients to exercise, but so many people do not know where to begin. EIM will provide a starting point for those who want to improve their health by sitting less and moving more.”

Individuals can sign up for the program on their own or through doctor referral. With virtual coaching options available, New Year’s resolutions are more attainable for people wanting to make a healthy change in 2023. EIM participants will improve personal fitness and learn that exercise can be as powerful as medicine in preventing and treating a range of chronic diseases and medical conditions.

Woman’s Center for Wellness is located at 9637 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge. To sign up for Exercise is Medicine or learn more about Woman’s Center for Wellness, call 225-924-8300.

Exercise can be as powerful as medicine in preventing and treating a range of chronic medical conditions.

This program provides a comprehensive approach to health and wellness with flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training, plus coaching on healthy eating and stress reduction. All participants start with an initial assessment to determine program eligibility and their level placement.

  • Level 1
    Starts with a 1:1 training session followed by 8-weeks of group training. Participants will meet 2x a week in groups of three to six. Exercise sessions will take place on the fitness floor and will be led by a certified trainer. This level includes full access to Woman’s Fitness.
  • Level 2
    Four-week small group program that meets 2x a week. Participants can choose between the warm water pool or the fitness floor and will have more individualized programming and direction. Program may be repeated until participant is ready for Level 1.
  • Level 3
    Personal training participants will be 1:1 with the most individualized programming in either the warm water pool or on the fitness floor.

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