Hurricane Preparedness

August 26, 2020

Woman’s Hospital remains open to care for your family.

We are closely monitoring Hurricane Laura and have prepared our campus to withstand the upcoming weather.

  • At this time,  we are not canceling any elective procedures or surgeries.
  • If you have questions about doctor’s appointments, please contact your physician’s office directly.

Pregnant During a Hurricane

The COVID-19 situation gives pregnant women a few more things to consider. 

  • If you plan to evacuate, pack extra cleaning supplies. You want to ensure that you clean and disinfect your evacuation site especially if you have to bring your newborn there. 
  • You also want to be sure to pack masks for every member of your family. 
  • Lastly visitor restrictions remain in place, so you may need to consider child care options if you have other children.

Learn more about hurricane preparedness recommendations by the American Red Cross and FEMA in our blog.

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