Woman’s Offers Unique Therapy for Children with Eating Disorders

August 08, 2019

SOS approach creates individualized plan, makes eating fun for kids 

Having a child who struggles with eating and seems stuck on a narrow selection of foods can make mealtimes stressful, but the reality is that many children have issues related to food and eating. To help these picky eaters overcome mealtime woes, Woman’s is now offering the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding.

The SOS approach to feeding is designed to assess and address all the factors involved in feeding difficulty. Woman’s qualified SOS feeding therapists and occupational therapists can look at each individual child to determine the underlying issues behind their feeding difficulties and create a unique, individualized treatment program based on these findings.

“We make food fun and we experiment within your child’s comfort zone and with food in a relaxed setting, with the “just right” challenge while introducing new foods and textures,” said Tracey Dantin, pediatric therapy supervisor at Woman’s. “Many children who do not participate in programs like this often do not progress in their eating skills, and their range of foods can continue to decrease.”

The SOS approach to feeding may be an appropriate therapy for your child or adolescent with or without a developmental delay and/or disability if they:

  • Have a restricted range of foods they can tolerate
  • Refuse entire categories of food texture/nutrition groups
  • Have to eat a different meal from the rest of the family
  • Find mealtimes distressing

For more information or to schedule an evaluation with the Woman’s therapy team, visit womans.org/therapy or call 225-924-8450.