Woman’s Hospital Celebrates Certified Nurses Day Honoring 260 Certified Nurses on Staff

March 17, 2019

Woman’s Hospital is celebrating Certified Nurses Day March 19, 2019, by honoring its 260 certified nurses. These nurses are being recognized for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment to excellence in patient care. By obtaining national certification, these nurses have shown a deep appreciation and dedication to the nursing profession and have fostered the provision of the most relevant and cutting edge care to patients and families.

Certification of nurses plays an increasingly important role in the assurance of high standards of care for patients and their loved ones. Nursing, like health care in general, has become increasingly complex. While a registered nurse (RN) license provides entry to general nursing practice, the knowledge-intensive requirements of modern nursing require extensive education, as well as a strong personal commitment to excellence by the nurse. When nurses obtain certification, they expand their knowledge base, grow within their field and evolve as professionals. They raise the standard of practice throughout the profession and, in the long run, improve patient safety and outcomes.

Please join Woman’s Hospital and the nation’s national nursing certification organizations in honoring those hardworking, dedicated nurses for their professionalism, and job well done!