Look Back: Backseat Reminder Tags

June 06, 2018

to prevent hot-car deaths

It happens every year, but no parent thinks it will happen to them. Hot-car deaths are occurring as temperatures rise, and in an effort to prevent tragedy, Woman’s Hospital is again offering free reminder hangtags.

According to Kids and Cars, a child advocacy group, a major contributing factor to hot-car deaths include a change in routine, such as a parent temporarily being responsible for daycare drop-off instead of going straight to work. Tragedy occurs quickly, as it only takes minutes for a child’s core body temperature to reach 105 degrees and begin to shut down. Kids and Cars encourages parents and caregivers to get in the habit of checking the backseat every time they arrive at a destination.

Though the hangtags are not intended to replace alertness, they serve as an extra reminder to check for the child in the backseat. Parents are also encouraged to leave an always-used or necessary item in the backseat, such as a laptop bag, purse or left shoe.

The hangtags can be downloaded and printed or are available at the following locations:

  • Woman’s Hospital: 100 Woman’s Way, Airline Highway and Pecue Lane
  • Woman’s Center for Wellness: 9637 Jefferson Highway (corner of Bluebonnet and Jefferson)