New Line of Ideal Protein Drink Mixes

May 16, 2018

Now Available in our CLEAN store at Woman’s Center for Wellness

Selected in alignment with Ideal Protein’s goal to continuously provide quality protein-based foods, the calorie-free natural sweetener was chosen to help expand the variety of healthier and accessible drink choices available to people in the weight loss or maintenance phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol.

The easy-to-prepare drink mixes use the unique plant-derived sweetener, Stevia, to offer a sweetened but non-tart taste, contain 18 grams of protein and can be consumed hot or cold.

Ideal Protein’s delicious Stevia-sweetened drink mix lineup includes:

Lemon Matcha Green Tea Flavored Drink Mix
Discover the Lemon Matcha Green Tea Flavored Drink Mix, a new addition to our delicious line of drink mixes. Filled with 18 grams of protein and sweetened with stevia, the refreshing taste of fresh lemon and matcha green tea will liven up your day!

Hibiscus and Watermelon Flavored Drink Mix
Balancing the berry-rich tart taste of hibiscus with the sweetness of ripened watermelon, our Hibiscus & Watermelon Drink Mix is the newest addition to our delicious line of drink mixes. Sweetened with stevia, a calorie-free natural sweetener, and filled with 18 grams of protein, this flavourful blend is a refreshing way to invigorate your palette.

Vanilla Chai Latté Drink Mix
Combining the taste of vanilla, the spiced flavor of chai and the calorie-free sweetness of Stevia, this balance of sweet and spice is sure to warm up your day.

Our Ideal Protein™ program combines expert advice, safe products and professional support to help you achieve your weight loss and nutrition goals. 

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