New Breast Tissue Expansion Device Now Available

January 25, 2018

Patient-controlled Aeroform Tissue Expander System provides faster tissue expansion, less pain and more convenience

A new device is available for breast cancer patients at Woman’s Hospital to expand tissue for breast reconstruction. The AeroForm Tissue Expander System is first major change in breast tissue expansion in more than 40 years. Dr. John A. Dean, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, was the first to use the AeroForm at Woman’s Hospital and is the only surgeon presently using the device in the state of Louisiana.

Following a mastectomy, a breast surgeon surgically inserts the AeroForm underneath the chest muscle to stretch the tissue of the chest wall to make room for a long-term breast implant. Using a remote control, a woman can comfortably and quickly release 10cc of carbon dioxide up to three times per day to gradually inflate the expander. This can be performed from any location, such as at home or work, only taking a few seconds, thus allowing the patient to continue with her daily activities. A woman can control the pace of expansion by choosing how often and when to dose. Once fully expanded, the AeroForm is surgically removed and replaced with a long-term breast implant.

The traditional method uses a temporary implant that is gradually enlarged with saline using needle injection to stretch the skin and muscle of the chest wall, which can be painful and requires multiple trips to the doctor. The AeroForm has three benefits over traditional tissue expansion methods: it is less painful because it uses a remote control instead of a needle as the expansion mechanism; the tissue expansion process is completed in approximately 21 days compared to 46 days with the traditional saline process; and the device also makes expansion more convenient, as the patient doesn’t have to go to the doctor for an expansion.

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