Woman’s Hospital Now Offering More Comfortable, Faster Breast Biopsies

March 14, 2017

Hospital is 1st in Louisiana to use new system

An abnormal mammogram often leads to a biopsy, which is when a breast tissue sample is removed and tested to determine if a woman has breast cancer. Woman’s Hospital is the first hospital in Louisiana and one of the first in the country to use the Hologic Affirm™ breast biopsy system, which offers more comfort for patients.
With this system, a biopsy can be performed much quicker than a traditional biopsy. It is less invasive than surgery and works by extracting small core samples of breast tissue. Furthermore, patients are able to lie down in a comfortable position while the procedure is being performed. It also provides easier access to help surgeons reach challenging lesions.
“Woman’s performs approximately 700 core breast biopsies each year. Though most biopsy results are non-cancerous, many women feel anxious not only about finding out their results, but about the procedure itself,” said Cynthia Rabalais, director of Imaging Services. “Having a more comfortable, less invasive method of obtaining a biopsy will alleviate some of the anxiety that patients may feel.”


Woman’s Imaging staff demonstrates the new Hologic Affirm™ breast biopsy system.