Woman’s Hospital Elects 2016 Board of Directors Officers

April 28, 2016
E_Schwartzenburg Edward Schwartzenburg, MD, was elected 2016 Chair of the Board of Directors of Woman’s Hospital. Dr. Schwartzenburg is an OB-GYN with Schwartzenburg, Lafranca, Guidry, and Chapman. He has served on Woman’s Board since 2011 and previously served on the Board as Chief of the Medical Staff in 2008 and 2009.
Other officers elected are: Tom Hawkins, Jr., Chair-Elect, President of the Louisiana Division of Atmos Energy Corporation; and Renee Harris, MD, Secretary/Treasurer, OB-GYN with Associates in Women’s Health.
Newly elected to the Board are Greg Gelpi, MD, Pediatrician with OLOL Pediatric Medical Center; and Rose Hudson, President/CEO of Louisiana Lottery. Also reelected to the Board are Donna Fraiche and Steven Feigley, MD. Other directors include: Frank Breaux, MD; Sarah Davis, MD; Ben Marmande; Patrick Seiter; Christel Slaughter, PhD; Mike Wampold; and Teri Fontenot, President and CEO, Woman’s Hospital.