Woman’s Applauded for Curbing Light Pollution by Astronomical Society

November 17, 2014

The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society has awarded the organization’s second Good Lighting Award to Woman’s Hospital. The award recognizes local businesses that embrace dark sky friendly lighting fixtures that help curb light pollution.

“The new Woman’s hospital campus serves as a great example of how to provide needed light at night without creating unwanted light pollution,” says Ben Toman, Baton Rouge Astronomical Society. “Seeing such a large, modern facility exemplify excellent outdoor lighting for preserving the night sky gives a strong burst of hope to us that others will follow your example.”

The hospital’s lighting needs were managed by ccrd partners. Some of the light conservation tactics used includes shielded lighting, which directs light into specific areas of purpose, such as walkways and entrances. Additionally, the campus has light poles of varying heights to illuminate key areas for optimal safety and navigation and to reduce glare to oncoming traffic on Airline Highway.

Woman’s new hospital location opened in 2012 and is located on a former golf course surrounded by neighborhoods on two sides.


Photo: (left to right)

  • Wally Pursell, Baton Rouge Astronomical Society, Co-Founder
  • Doug Lacy, PE, ccrd partners, Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer
  • Ben Toman, Baton Rouge Astronomical Society
  • Stan Shelton, Woman’s Hospital, SVP Planning, Development and Construction
  • Susan, Miller, Baton Rouge Astronomical Society