Jar for Change Donation Funds “Joey Time” at Woman’s Hospital

August 04, 2014

What can happen when a child is willing to make a difference? Find out as Woman’s celebrate the fundraising efforts of Joey Roth, the child responsible for the Jar for Change project.  A donation ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, August 5 at 9:00 AM in the Woman’s Hospital NICU Waiting Room where Joey will present a check to the department.

Joey began fundraising in 2013 in the name of the physician who delivered him, Dr. Ann LaFranca, after hearing stories from his father of how great she was during his birth. He put Jar for Change bottles in local business asking for left over change. Joey’s goal was to “make a difference in the world,” and his efforts weren’t in vain, rallying as many participants and donators as possible over the last 10 months.

Because of these efforts, Joey now has the opportunity to donate $5000 to the NICU, and that donation will go towards a Three Phase project called “Joey Time” that will benefit the department and its patients.

The plan is to pilot a program to include the following:

  • Use modern technology and software like FaceTime and Skype to make communication with nurses easier for moms not able to visit the NICU.
  • Offer families the opportunity to receive photos of the infant or FaceTime the parents.
  • Utilize the technology for sibling classes offered by Woman’s and for communication with non-English speaking families.

Because of Joey’s hard work and the community’s support, Woman’s can take the first step in setting up programs that will increase communication for our smallest patients and their families.

With his parents’ help, Joey has created a starter kit for supporters, including customizable jar decorations, step-by-step instructions and prize incentives for top fundraisers. Or you can make a donation online now >> Please complete the Area to Support as "Other" and "Joey's Jar for Change." Thank you!