Woman's Celebrates 1st Year at New Campus with Community Milestones

August 06, 2013

It’s been exactly one year since Woman’s Hospital moved to its new location. Oh baby! It has been a year full of special deliveries; in the past 365 days, 8,389 babies were born at the new campus and 6,589 surgeries were performed.
“It’s been a remarkable year for Woman’s both as an organization and as a steward of the community,” says Teri Fontenot, President and CEO of Woman’s. “Today we celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our staff in safely transporting 121 women and infants a year ago, and transitioning excellent care to one of the most modern U.S. hospitals for women and infants. The site still has more than 140 undeveloped acres to meet our community’s needs.” In mid-2014, the Green Light Plan’s Stumberg Lane Extension will link Woman’s to Tiger Bend and Old Jefferson Highway.

Take a look at the milestones at the new Woman’s.

August 5, 2012: The hospital relocated from its campus of 44 years to 100 Woman’s Way. More than 120 women and infants were transported via Acadian Ambulance in 10 hours utilizing more than 2,000 staff and volunteers. On move day, 18 babies were born.

November 10, 2012: Woman’s hosted its first Baby Grand fair at the new campus and welcomed more than 450 expectant moms and 2,000 families and friends.

December 6, 2012: The Mayor’s Office announced that a non-binding letter of intent had been signed for the City-Parish to purchase the hospital’s former 24-acre campus to be used for a Public Safety Complex, including a headquarters for the Baton Rouge Police Department.

January 10, 2013: Woman’s celebrated the birth of its 300,000th baby. More than three Tiger Stadiums would be needed to seat all the babies born at Woman’s (Tiger Stadium has 92,542 seats).

January 24, 2013: Woman’s launched Pink Parking, 124 reserved spaces for guests who need closer parking due to mobility impairment. This includes patients and visitors who are pregnant or elderly, undergoing cancer treatment, orthopedic and post-surgery patients.

April 3, 2013: Woman’s officially opened a one-mile public walking path around the lakes named the Harris Walking Trail endowed by Dr. Renee Harris, OB/GYN, Associates in Women’s Health and member of Woman’s Board of Directors.

April 15, 2013: With the closure of Earl K. Long, Woman’s took over operations of the LSU OB/GYN clinic to provide obstetrical and gynecological care to uninsured women and women on Medicaid.

May 12, 2013: Mother Goose, a Canadian goose who nested at the campus, delivered four goslings on Mother’s Day.

June 26, 2013: CATS announced new bus service to Woman’s.

July 12, 2013: The sale of the 24-acre former Woman’s Hospital campus for $10 million was complete.

August 5, 2013: New Woman’s celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Move Day, One Year Ago:

Acadian Ambulance lined up for patient move For optimal safety, patients are verified

After the last baby was born at Goodwood Mom and baby pairs are transported together

Lights out and closed at Goodwood Leaving our old home

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