Woman's Hosts New Campus Simulations

July 09, 2012

Woman’s is giving its future home a “trial run” by hosting patient simulations that will help staff acclimate to their new environment. On Tuesday, July 10 and Thursday, July 12, as part of Woman’s transition to its replacement facility, volunteer actors will “perform” five scenarios designed to educate employees on the layout of the new hospital and the location of medical equipment and supplies.

Since Woman’s has operated in the same facility for more than 43 years, patient simulations are essential in helping employees learn the location of essential medical supplies and equipment, the new patient transport paths and the operation of new technologies,” explains Joan Ellis, PhD, RN, Woman’s Director of Educational Services.

Along with the support of NBBJ, a healthcare planning organization that is assisting Womans’ through the transition process, five different simulations will traverse the new hospital and involve approximately 100 Woman’s staff members. Each scenario will last from 30 minutes to two hours and include a debriefing session and review of opportunities for improvement.

Instead of using professional actors, Woman’s employees have volunteered to play the parts of patients and families. Dolls will be used for the infant scenarios. Simulations include the following cases:

  1. Middle-aged post-op hysterectomy patient who returns to the hospital with complications
  2. Middle-aged surgical patient who is positive for MRSA
  3. Obstetrical patient who had a rough delivery and a sick baby
  4. Bariatric patient who is admitted for a surgical procedure but runs into problems
  5. Obstetrical patient with twins scheduled for a c-section

The new Woman’s Hospital will open at 5:00 AM on Sunday, August 5 as all patients will be transported from the Goodwood location to the new site at Airline Highway and Stumberg, near Pecue Lane.


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