Parking Lot

The shortest distance between you and a loved one is sometimes a parking space.

Of our more than 2,300 parking spaces, we want to help you find one close to your destination. Take a look at our campus parking map.

  • Hospital parking: Lots B and C, Entrance 1
  • Assessment Center parking: Lot A, Entrance 2
  • Same Day Surgery parking: Lots B and C, Entrance 1
  • Physician Office Building parking: Lots D and E, Entrance 4
  • Woman’s Cancer Pavilion: Lot E, Entrance 5
  • Support Services Building/Retail Pharmacy parking: Lots G and H, Entrance 6


Handicapped, Pink-Striped & Valet

handicap parking

Handicapped parking

We have hundreds of handicapped parking spaces for visitors and patients available at every building entrance. The hospital has additional handicapped parking adjacent to the Hospital entrance, Entrance 1.

Pink-striped parking

Woman's pink-striped parking spaces are reserved for guests who are mobility-impaired, but not handicapped, and need a "little" closer parking. This includes, but is not limited to, pregnant or elderly visitors, women undergoing cancer treatment and orthopedic and post-surgery patients. These parking spaces are located near the handicapped spaces in front of the hospital, Physician Office Building and Support Services Building.

Pink Parking Sign

Valet parking

  • Valet Services are currently suspended


You’re in labor

Once you arrive at the hospital, drive to Entrance 2, under the Assessment Center entrance canopy and pull to the right. The driver should go to the desk and let staff know the patient is in labor. A wheelchair will be provided for your safety and comfort. While mom is checking in at the Assessment Center, the driver may park temporarily in lot A.

Scheduled delivery

If you are scheduled for delivery (C-section or induction) 

Scheduled induction and scheduled C-section patients may report to Admitting through the hospital main entrance, Entrance 1, with nearby parking in lots B and C.


If you are having surgery

Report to the following location on the day of your surgery:

  • For Woman’s Same Day Surgery Center, park in lot B or C, use the main Hospital entrance, Entrance 1, head right down the hall and check in at the Same Day Surgery waiting room on the left.
  • For Woman’s Surgical Care Unit, park in lot B or C, use the main Hospital entrance, Entrance 1, and take the elevators in the Imaging waiting area to the second floor. Check in at the Surgical Care waiting room.