We Need Your Help

You can be a critical part of caring for our NICU babies, like Collins, and their families. With your support, Woman’s can provide sick and premature infants with life-saving care and constant monitoring by expert neonatologists and trained nurses using the most advanced equipment.

“I was so scared when they took Collins away to the NICU. I never thought something could happen to my baby. We are forever indebted to the amazing NICU nurses at Woman’s who cared for her.” -Jordan, Collins’ mom

This holiday season, remember the more than 80 families in the NICU who won’t be celebrating at home.



There is an immediate need to replace 13 Giraffe Carestations within the next year. Without these Giraffes, NICU babies are at a significant risk. YOU can help these special babies.

When a baby is admitted to Woman’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), they will spend their days in a specialized incubator called a Giraffe Carestation. This vital piece of equipment provides the best environment for these delicate babies to grow and thrive. Giraffes reduce stress by regulating body temperature and reducing light, noise and excess handling that may be devastating to a premature baby.