Food for Thought: Strength Training for Women over 40

Our Nutrition and Fitness departments at Woman’s Center for Wellness will provide information on staying strong as we age. Join our fitness specialists for fun and informative fitness tips and a cooking demo that's all about building strong bodies for women over 40. 

When it comes to exercise, the trainers at Woman’s play the long game. We work with you to develop long-term goals for muscle and bone strength, posture and stability.  Methods include strength training through the use of weights, most importantly, your body weight.  We want you to look great now and into the future, with an eye on graceful aging with strong, agile bodies.

Our fitness specialists will share information on the basics of what happens as a woman’s body ages and give simple tips on incorporating weight bearing movement into your fitness routine. Our dietitian will demonstrate and share quick, easy, and delicious recipes that you can sample.


Donna Scales

Special Instructions:

Specialized class fees are non-refundable unless program is canceled or with management approval. Program may be postponed or canceled if minimum participation requirements are not met.