Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Woman's Hospital, 100 Woman's Way, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

J.E. Dunn Conference Center Rooms


This comprehensive 2-day instructor-led course is intended to enhance and validate the ability to interpret and respond to fetal heart monitoring tracings.   

Skills taught and knowledge assessed include:

·        Maternal and fetal physiology

·        Interpretation of fetal and uterine monitor tracings

·        Evaluation of auscultated fetal heart sounds

·        Leopold's Maneuvers

·        Placement of fetal spiral electrodes and intrauterine pressure catheters

·        Evaluation of and strategies for enhancing communication

The fee of $399 includes the student pack.

  • Prior to attending, you should give consideration to borrowing or purchasing “Fetal Heart Monitoring Principles and Practices”, available from AWHONN. Textbook is available for $74.95 and e-book is available for $34.95 (as of 1/29/19).


The course is presented nationwide and may be used to validate knowledge and skills of perinatal clinicians who utilize fetal monitoring in the intrapartum setting.

 Contact Hours: Provided by AWHONN. Must attend the entire course and complete an online feedback form.

 imgDisabilityLogo Special Needs: If you need special assistance due to a disability recognized by the ADA, please call 225-231-5292 to request assistance.



Elise Juergens, PhD, RN

Special Instructions:

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