Understanding Fatherhood e-Class

Our online fatherhood e-Class is an interactive option that provides an easy and effective way to teach dads about the important role they play in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Broken into short clips, the program combines interviews with real dads and advice from a fatherhood expert with evidence-based information and a bit of humor.


  • Introduction, The Importance of Fathers: Why dads make a difference, benefits of being involved for children and dads
  • The Pregnant Dad, Involved From the Start: Feelings about having a baby, how dads can be involved during pregnancy, baby gear essentials, planning ahead, childcare research
  • Labor & Delivery, A Dad Is Born: Birth preference list, packing for the hospital, labor and birth basics, reality versus movies/TV, how to be a supportive partner during labor, making the most of the postpartum hospital stay
  • Baby Care, Dad in Action: Coming home, breastfeeding basics, why Dad’s breastfeeding support is important, creating a safe sleep environment, why babies cry and soothing techniques, abusive head trauma, bonding
  • The Postpartum Dad, Emotions & Your Relationship: Self-care, relationship after baby, importance of good communication, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and paternal postpartum depression
  • Parenting, A Dad's Life: Parenting truths, dad as a safety manager, looking ahead, understanding developmental milestones and positive discipline, joys of fatherhood




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