Labor of Love

This class is recommended for couples wanting to learn how to apply Lamaze techniques for coping with pain in labor and birth who plan to deliver without anesthesia. During the eight hours of this two day class series, you and your labor partner practice using Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques and the comfort measures and techniques for your support persons that were discussed in part two of the Special Delivery class. If you have previously experienced a Lamaze birth, this class would be good to refresh your memory.

Plan to take this class during the last eight to ten weeks of pregnancy and after attending the Special Delivery Class. The fee is per couple.

Recommended Prerequisite:
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Class Reviews:

  • "This was a wonderful class. It was very informative, well run, and answered all of our questions. Thank you!"
  • "The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. She did not force her opinions on anyone but informed everyone of their options. She is very passionate about childbirth!"
  • "Class was empowering – makes us feel as though we have the tools needed to have a successful, natural birth."
  • "Colette was a fantastic presenter! She was informative and gave us invaluable resources to refer back to for a refresher. My husband and I now feel equipped with relaxation techniques and knowledge of what to expect during our upcoming natural VBAC attempt."

Special Instructions:

  • Mom and coach should wear comfortable slacks or shorts as you will be on the floor practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. Also, bring a jacket if you chill easily.
  • If this class is held during your dinner hour, we encourage you to either eat before you come to class or to bring snack food with you to eat during class. The Saturday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM class will break one hour for lunch on your own.

Please register under the mom's name as attendee. The spouse or partner is the guest.

Notify Laura if you need assistance due to a disability recognized by the ADA.


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