Body Basics for Girls

Learning how their bodies grow, what changes to expect during puberty, and how to take care of themselves are valuable lessons for preteens. Body Basics offers those lessons in separate classes for girls ages 9-12 and boys ages 10-13. Both classes include informal, open discussions, a film presentation, and take home materials. Each class also includes a brief and simple introduction to the opposite sex. It is recommended that a parent or trusted adult accompany each preteen. By taking the class together, you and your preteen can continue these important discussions at home.

$20 per child



Class Reviews:

  • "Very informative and helpful in starting this conversation with my daughter. I appreciated that it was age appropriate."
  • "Excellent class! I can't wait to bring my younger daughter."
  • "The presenter was awesome, knowledgeable and extremely kind."
  • "I drove from Texas because I heard from several people good things about this class. I was not disappointed. This was so helpful for my daughter and I, and it will help me to have future conversations with her about the changes to her body."
  •  "Excellent class! Loved that the instructor emphasized the morals that we do at home."
  •  "Awesome class and the humor really took the uncomfortable feelings away from what can be an uncomfortable discussion. We loved the class."
  •  "The topics are presented well and on an appropriate level."
  • "Road over 120 miles to attend because we'd heard so much about the class. It was well worth the trip and we will be here next year with another daughter."
  • "The presenter was great as she made a tough subject easy with her humor while teaching valuable information."
  • "Great job keeping it light and yet very informative. Loved Ms. Meghan and will recommend the class to my sister and her girls. Glad she mentioned to be kind to others."
  • “Everything was informative, yet the stories, language, and humor injected throughout the presentation helped make the information more comfortable.”
  • “This class was so beneficial and exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the staff presenter and Woman's Hospital for offering a class that explained the ‘touchy’ subject of puberty to young girls in an eloquent manner.”
  • “I would like to thank Woman’s for having this class. It opens up conversation that a parent and daughter need to have.”
  • “The program content exceeded my expectations! Gold star.”
  • “My daughter had so many questions, and this provided a great foundation for educated discussions.”
  • “Very well done and appropriate for the age group.”
  • "Video was great and at an appropriate level. I would recommend to friends and family with daughters."
  • "Great information given to girls in a fun way."


Special Instructions:

This class is for girls 9-12 and their parent. Parent attendance is required.

Registration Instructions: Select Add to Cart. Please register under the child's name as the Attendee Name. The parent or guardian should register as the guest as the Guest Name. Then select Continue. Next select Checkout to proceed with your registration.

imgDisabilityLogoSpecial Needs: If you need special assistance due to a disability recognized by the ADA, please call 225-231-5475 to request assistance.


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