Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles

CLEAN, our wellness store 
We are so excited to be able to offer CLEAN food, supplements, and drinks—all dietitian approved. Come in the store, inside Woman's Center for Wellness, and let our nutrition experts help you find the perfect snack to help you fuel up before a workout, stay properly hydrated, maintain proper blood sugar levels, and more. Shop hours > 

Inside CLEAN:

Designs for Health: We carry NSF-certified, professional-grade nutritional supplements; multi-vitamins, HSN, fish oil, calcium, VegeCleanse Plus, and more.

nutrition_shake_verticalJoin us throughout the year for classes led by our registered dietitians. View upcoming classes & events and register to attend.

Cooking Classes: Prepare your favorites modified to excite your taste buds and maintain your waist line. Popular classes include anti-inflammatory foods and holiday eating. 

Pregnancy 101: A portion of this class is dedicated to nutritional needs throughout pregnancy. Our dietitian will provide tips on how to eat when dealing with common pregnancy side effects like nausea in addition to giving you a list of foods to eat and avoid. 

Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery: For patients 6 months to 3 years post-op. Get the support you need to maintain your weight loss or, the refresher you need to get back on track.

Supplement Your Way to Good Health: Register now to join our registered dietitian and our Designs for Health representative, naturopathic doctor, Christy Peachey to discuss topics of interest each month.  We will share which products may benefit your health and why they are better than what you can buy off the shelf.



Contact Woman’s Nutrition Services at 225-924-8313 or Email us.