Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Woman's Therapy

Located at Woman's Center for Wellness


The occupational therapists at Woman's Center for Wellness focus on caring for your child's physical and cognitive problems using therapeutic exercises, manual techniques and educational instruction. 

Understanding "Occupation"

The word occupation refers to daily life activities. The role of Woman's Pediatric Occupational Therapists is to address the following age-appropriate skills and how they relate to play and function:

  • Perceptual motor
  • Sensory motor
  • Fine motor skills, such as feeding abilities and handwriting skills in school-aged children

Personalized Evaluation

During your child's evaluation, your therapist will review:

  • Past medical history, pertinent lab results and current physical complaints
  • Range of motion and muscle strength
  • Functional abilities at home and at school
  • Level of pain
  • Need for additional services or equipment that will help them to improve their level of function
  • Understanding of their condition

Your child will be re-assessed regularly to see how they are progressing and to modify their treatment plan to help reach their goals.