Pediatric Therapy

Woman's is committed to helping your child reach his highest potential. We offer a full range of pediatric therapy services including physical, occupational, speech and audiological.


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Physical Therapy »

Helps change movement patterns and can assist your baby in acquiring new skills. For example; trouble with rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, etc. caused by developmental delay, neurological dysfunction, low tone or other dysfunctions.

Occupational Therapy »

Address the age-appropriate skill development and how they relate to play and function. For example; trouble with feeding, holding objects, tolerating sensory input, eating, playing, handwriting, etc.

Speech Therapy »

Provides comprehensive speech and language assessment and treatment of communication disorders. For example, trouble with speaking, comprehension, articulation, swallowing, feeding, etc.

Audiology »

In addition to performing hearing testing on more than 8,000 babies a year, our audiologists diagnose and treat hearing disorders, and provide counseling and rehabilitation for men, women and children with hearing loss.

Medical Nutrition »

Registered dietitians trained in the use of nutrition to prevent and control disease counsel individuals and family members of infants, children and adolescents.

Ask for a referral to Woman’s Center for Wellness physical therapists.

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