Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have greatly improved in recent years.

Woman's Center for Wellness offers the latest styles and technology in conventional, programmable and digital hearing aids.

These devices are usually self-adjusting, allowing for better programming, greater flexibility in fitting and a clearer sound. These advances can also improve speech understanding in noisy environments.

All hearing aids have a one-year warranty and there is a 45-day trial period on digital hearing aids.

How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids receive sound through an internal microphone that changes sound waves to electrical signals. The amplifier increases the volume of the signals and sends the sound to the ear through a speaker.

No hearing aid can solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing, but aids can improve your listening ability and your quality of life.

Hearing Aid Fittings

When you are fitted with your hearing aid, our audiologists will shows you how to troubleshoot problems and work with you on a regular basis to make any adjustments for the best results. A fitting includes detailed instructions of the use and care of the hearing aid as well as testing to determine how well the hearing aid works for you.

All hearing aids have a one-year warranty that covers loss, damage and remake. There is a two-year warranty for repair. A 45-day trial period on digital hearing aids is also available.

Hearing Aid Types


The new Siemens Life hearing instrument is the perfect choice for first-time and experienced wearers alike. With its small size, ultra-thin tubing and ergonomic housing, Life is easy to wear and hard to detect – making it twice as comfortable for self-conscious wearers. Best of all, Life's open fit design reduces the unpleasant plugged-up feeling some people experience with traditional instruments. The optional TEK™ remote connects you to iPods, televisions, Bluetooth® cell phones and stereos. The signals from these devices are broadcast directly to your Life hearing aids, connecting you to your world.


Be yourself with a hearing instrument that blends in with your identity instead of altering it. Available in a wide array of colors, including 12 natural hair colors and skin tones. Pure also automatically adjusts volume and program settings to match your surroundings, so your hearing experience is completely customized. Compatible with Tek™ wireless enhancement and in a choice of styles, programming options, colors and the latest breakthroughs in Siemens technology, Siemens Pure® is all about you.


Introducing Binax, Siemens Latest Hearing Aids

We offer advanced hearing aids and easyTek remote.


The world’s first hearing aids that outperform normal hearing in demanding listening environments by:
  • Focusing on dominant sound in the same way that natural hearing does
  • Suppressing other noises that could be a distraction, such as wind and background noise
  • Pairing with the easyTek remote audio streamer and easyTEK App for complete control over volume, programs, and switching between TV and phone.

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