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Photographs, birth announcements and keepsake items are lifetime treasures. You can purchase these from Woman’s Birthplace Photos.

  • Woman’s photographers will take your baby’s pictures in your room.
  • You’ll receive proofs and a product catalog. You may pay and receive your photos before you leave the hospital. You can also view and purchase photographs online from home.
  • With written consent, your baby’s photos can be posted to the web nursery within 24 hours of baby’s discharge.
  • Woman’s will not provide password information to anyone other than the parents
  • Photos are copyrighted.
Birthplace Photos
Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Log in: You will need the password, which you can obtain from the family.

Contact Information:
Call 225-924-8997
Michelle Hillman, Supervisor, Birthplace Photos