Gynecological Checkup

Preventive Health Screenings for Reproductive/Sexual Health

An annual gynecological checkup or "well woman" visit includes the following: 

When Why
Pap test and pelvic exam
  • Every 2 years for women ages 21-30.
  • Every 3 years for women age 30+ who have had three consecutive normal Pap tests. 
  • Screening may be stopped at age 65 or 70 for women who have three or more normal Pap tests in a row and no abnormal test results in 10 years.
  • Women who have had their cervix and uterus removed may also stop having cervical cancer screenings, unless the surgery was done as treatment for cervical cancer or pre-cancer.
Screens for abnormalities that could indicate pre- or early cervical cancer
HPV test Every 2-3 years along with Pap test starting at age 30. (and in younger women with inconclusive Pap tests) Identifies risk for developing cervical cancer
Chlamydia test Yearly until age 25 if sexually active; for age 26+, get tested if you have new or multiple sexual partners. Prevents spread of chlamydia
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening All sexually active women and their partners should be tested for HIV and other STDs before starting sexual activity. Prevents spread of HIV and other STDs, many of which can only be detected through testing.