Needle Biopsy

A needle biopsy is a procedure to remove breast tissue or fluid with a needle for examination under a microscope. A biopsy is commonly used to diagnose breast cancer. 


More Comfortable, Faster Needle Biopsies

Woman’s Hospital is the first hospital in Louisiana and one of the first in the country to use the Hologic Affirm™ breast biopsy system. Though most biopsy results are non-cancerous, many women feel anxious not only about finding out their results, but about the procedure itself. For this reason, Woman’s is now offering more comfortable, faster breast biopsies with the Hologic Affirm™ breast biopsy system. 

With this system, a hollow needle is used to withdraw small core samples of breast tissue or fluid while a patient lies down comfortably on her stomach. The biopsy can be performed much quicker as the system provides easier access to help surgeons reach challenging lesions.

What to Expect

During a needle biopsy, the doctor may use a local anesthetic, but the needle used for the biopsy is so thin that getting the medicine may hurt more than the biopsy itself. Once the needle is in place tissue is drawn out, the specimens are then sent to a pathologist (lab) to make a diagnosis.