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About Woman's Select Another Gallery » We specialize in the care of women and infants and are equipped to handle the expected as well as the unexpected. Each member of our team is motivated to meet and surpass expectations for treatment, care and service.
The Latest Diagnostic and Surgical Techniques
Woman's uses the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques available, including da Vinci robotic surgery, a less invasive approach that reduces post-surgery discomfort and recovery time.
Neurodevelopmental Clinic
Preterm and low birth weight babies who manifest developmental delays, learning difficulties and neurological disorders are given comprehensive multi-disciplinary care through our Neurodevelopmental Clinic. Physicians, nurses, and therapists mediate issues as early as possible to give children the best opportunity for continued development.
Pediatric Therapy
Our pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy, and hearing services for infants and children help those who are having difficulty achieving developmental milestones overcoming problems with feeding, abnormal posture, movement and impaired sensory systems.
Woman's Home Care
Our Home Care has one of the lowest rates of re-hospitalization in the U.S. Highly trained nurses care for adults, infants, and children, including phototherapy, gastronomy care and feeding, infusion therapy, oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care, follow-up care for infants with congenital heart defects, lab work, and more. No other home health organization offers this range of services.
Cancer Care for Women
Because Woman's is specifically focused on women, we treat gynecologic and breast cancers. Our state-of-the-art imaging, diagnosis, surgical services, follow-up therapy, and support— all coordinated among everyone involved in your care.
Woman's Future Campus
The June 10, 2008 groundbreaking of Woman's Airline Highway and Stumberg Lane home. The building of the new campus opened August 2012 and has a five-story hospital, medical office buildings, a two-story support services building, a two-story central energy plant, close proximity parking, and a 17-acre lake surrounded by a walking trail.
11 - 16 of 16 Results Currently Displayed