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Weight Loss Surgery Can Change Your Life Select Another Gallery » This was such a great experience for Carla, she doesn’t mind sharing her journey with others. Woman’s Weight Loss Surgery can change your life, Just Like Carla.
Carla: April 18
Before weight loss surgery at size 24-26 and 255 lbs. "The best decision I ever made!"
Carla: June
June 2011 - Father's Day
Carla: July
July 2011 - "My first pair of jeans after weight loss surgery - size 16!"
Carla: August
August 2011 - Destin, FL
Carla: November
November 2011
Carla: January
January 2012
Carla: January
January 2012 - "Our 29th wedding anniversary dinner"
Carla: January
January 2012 - "My 50th Birthday!"
Carla: March
March 10, 2012 - "149 lbs. and in size 10!"
Carla: July 2012
I am down 127.5 lbs. I am weighing 127.5 lbs and I am in a size 6! I went from a size 26-28 down to a size 6. Weighing 255 lbs before surgery and now weighing 127.5 lbs. Words cannot express my excitement.
1 - 10 of 12 Results Currently Displayed