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Pregnancy & Childbirth Select Another Gallery » As the area's largest provider of obstetrical services, our expertise comes from experience. You will find the highest level of care and the latest technology in a home-like setting. Count on us for everything you and your baby need.
The Birthplace of Baton Rouge
In addition to more traditional methods of delivery, we facilitate natural childbirth, including tub labor and births attended by doulas.
Family Centered
Our rooms are designed and equipped to support labor, delivery, and recovery of both mother and baby.
Each room is private and comfortable.
During your recovery from Cesarean birth, your baby spends time in the transition nursery being observed and his condition assessed before he's brought to your room.
Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit
Woman's high-risk specialists are on hand if your baby needs them.
Woman’s certified lactation consultants and registered nurses assist you before you deliver, at your hospital bedside, and after you go home with your new baby.
Birthplace Photos
In-house photographers can capture your baby’s first day right in your room.
Mom & Baby Boutique
Mom & Baby Boutique carries many of the products specially recommended for you and your baby.
Preparing for Birth
We help you prepare for your new baby with many classes including a tour of the hospital.
1 - 10 of 16 Results Currently Displayed