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How can you benefit from personal training?

Whatever your goals, our Personal Trainers will help you every step of the way. They focus on your unique needs and make reaching your goals an enjoyable and empowering experience. Personal Trainers are available for Fitness Club members as well as women choosing not to join club membership. A trainer will:

  • Inspire you to exercise and give you the motivation to stay committed to an exercise routine;
  • Help you reach your fitness goals faster than you could on your own;
  • Ensure you are exercising safely, correctly and efficiently;
  • Teach you new skills as you go;
  • Focus on your unique health condition;
  • Enhance your mind, body and spirit.

Why choose our trainers?

With over 30 years of experience, our trainers know the fitness needs of women. Many of our trainers specialize in the health problems, challenges and stages that are unique to women, such as pregnancy, postpartum, and aging.

Our trainers have passed strict certification exams and  are required to stay current on continuing education in their field. Let our trainers provide you with the inspiration and motivation you need to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal training sessions are offered in packages of 30-, 45-, or 60-minute time segments may be purchased individually or in blocks of 15, 8, 5, or 3 sessions for a price advantage.

Group training is available for up to 4 participants. Rates for the general public are also available. Physician consent and fitness testing may be required.

Small Group Training

Small group training is fun and an affordable way to work with a trainer. You’ll make new friends, stay motivated, be inspired by your group’s energy, and get the guidance you need to reach your goals. Check out our current group training options, and Fitness Club members receive a discount.

Jump Start

Are you ready to make a change in the way you approach diet and exercise? We can help you take the steps you need to approach conditioning and weight loss in a safe and healthy way. Jump start your body! Our Conditioning and Weight Loss program includes work outs and nutrition consultation. Register online now >>

TRX® Suspension®

TRX Suspension training, a revolutionary method using leveraged body weight exercises, is a new and innovative workout for people of all fitness levels. TRX® will develop and build your strength, power, flexibility and balance. Register at the Fitness Club service desk or call 225-924-8300.

Masters Swim Class

Intermediate and advanced swimmers will strengthen the upper, lower and abdominal regions through a variety of swimming techniques and equipment as well as improve endurance, strokes and kicks. Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 AM.
$60/month Members  |  $75/month Non-Members

Pilates Reformer

Our personal trainers provide the guidance needed to ensure your Pilates Allegro Reformer workouts fit your individual needs and fitness goals. Register at the Fitness Club service desk or call 225-924-8300.

Studio 2
One-hour class once per week   
    $120/month members (non-members $145)
One-hour class once per week
    $100/month members (non-members $125)
One-hour class twice per week
    $376/two months members (non-members $456)
    $540/three months members (non-members $660)

Forward Motion 

Bridging the Gap Between Therapy and Independent Fitness
Our Forward Motion is designed to help clients successfully transition from therapy to independent exercise, or to help clients who would like to start an exercise program but need more personalized instruction before they can begin to exercise independently.

Pre & Postnatal

Prenatal specialized workouts to help you maneuver exercise with a changing body that will aid in delivery and recovery once your baby arrives. Postnatal training with your baby to get back into shape without the hassle of finding childcare. You will get a full body workout plus bonding time with your child. Open to all fitness levels; babies from 6 weeks to crawling. 5-session packages; pricing varies by number of participants.
    Group of 2: $202.50 per person
    Group of 3: $180.00 per person
    Group of 4: $157.50 per person
    Group of 5: $135.00 per person
    Group of 6: $122.50 per person
Register at the Fitness Club service desk or call 225-924-8300.

Check out our Wellness Classes and Programs schedule for more offerings.