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Forward Motion

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Forward Motion


“Bridging the Gap Between Therapy and Independent Fitness”

Therapy Services at Woman's Center for Wellness offers Forward Motion, a unique program designed to help clients successfully transition from therapy to independent exercise, or to help clients who would like to start an exercise program but need more personalized instruction before they can exercise independently.

Our Goal

Our goal through Forward Motion is to make the pursuit of wellness a way of life for our participants. It is common for patients who have participated in therapy to discontinue physical activity completion.

This program also assists those who have not participated in therapy but may need more individualized instruction to begin an exercise program. For clients new to exercise, the program provides a safe exercise program for home or a traditional fitness center environment appropriate for their health and fitness needs.

 OB Aquatic

Individualized Programs

All Forward Motion participants are guided through individualized exercise programs that include health and fitness goals incorporating a range of wellness components, such as flexibility, strength, endurance, body composition, cardiovascular, and stress management.

Forward Motion is coordinated by an ACSM-certified exercise physiologist with a special interest in wellness. The goal of the program is to help participants assume responsibility for their own exercise program, while working with guidance of a qualified instructor.

The staff-to-client ratio is limited to provide individualized instruction and to ensure the quality of client care. The maximum staff-to-client ratio is limited to 1:8 for the pool, 1:2 for the gym and 1:2 for the Fitness Club.

Program Description

  • Acts as an extension of the treatment plan to offer patients the best possible outcome
  • Prepares patients to continue with an exercise program after graduating from Forward Motion
  • Encourages long-term exercise as a way of life
  • Exercise sessions are 45 minutes, 2-3 times a week

This program is ideal for the following clients:

  • Recently discharged from therapy
  • Multiple diseases and/or health conditions
  • Deconditioned
  • New to exercise
  • Anyone requiring more individualized instruction and supervision than provided in a traditional fitness club setting

Forward Motion Exercise Options:

Pool Maintenance

  • Supervised exercise in a warm water pool; ideal for those who have trouble tolerating land-based exercise 

OB Aquatic 

  • For the mother-to-be that has additional physical limitations

Gym Maintenance

  • Appropriate for clients who want to exercise on land but are not well suited for a fitness club environment

Fitness Club Maintenance 

  • Perfect for therapy patients who want to return to or start a fitness club-based exercise program

Medical Personal Training 

  • Ideal for patients with multiple medical needs; clients work one-on-one with a qualified instructor trained to design a safe exercise program specific to their health needs


Forward Motion program fees are not covered by most insurance. All program fees are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full at the time of your scheduled appointment.


Clients must be evaluated by a Physical Therapist prior to beginning their participation in the Forward Motion Program. There is a $45 screening fee for new clients. The screening fee is waived if the client is referred by Woman's Hospital Therapy Services.


Forward Motion program exercise sessions are held at Woman's Center for Wellness, 9637 Jefferson Highway, Baton Rouge, LA. Call 225-924-8450 for more information.