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Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the most common treatment for breast cancer. Depending on the size and stage of the breast cancer, doctors at Woman’s perform both breast conservation and more extensive surgeries. The goal of both is to remove all of the cancer from the breast and preserve the health of the patient.

Breast Conservation Surgery

Complete removal of the breast cancer with as little loss to the woman’s natural breast is a top priority as Woman’s. When possible, we promote a more conservative surgery option to preserve the shape and feel of the woman’s natural breast. Breast conservation surgeries include lumpectomy and partial mastectomy.


Cancer that is too advanced or too large for lumpectomy or partial mastectomy may require more extensive surgery to remove it. The most common advanced-cancer surgeries performed at Woman’s are simple mastectomy and modified radical mastectomy.

Your doctor will consider many factors, including your overall health, in making recommendations and can explain the risks and benefits of each approach.

With advances in reconstructive surgery, about one-third of women undergoing mastectomy have their breast(s) rebuilt creating a breast mound that comes as close as possible to the form and appearance of the natural breast.

Woman's Hospital's Cancer Program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. The Commission on Cancer presented Woman's Hospital with the Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Cancer Care.

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