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Cancer Support

Woman’s knows that fighting cancer is a mental battle as well as physical. To help women cope through the difficult time, we offer many support services before, during and after the cancer is removed.

Patient Navigator

We provide women with one-on-one help during their breast cancer journey. This is a free support service that aids women in getting the resources they need in a timely manner and coordination of care by helping patients schedule appointments, review paperwork, and improve regular patient communication while undergoing treatment.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counselors at Woman’s can guide patients through the maze of choices available for cancer genetic testing. They can determine a patient’s eligibility for certain tests, help them understand informed consent and help them interpret the test results. For more information, call 225-924-8754.

Social Services

If your treatment includes a stay in the hospital, an oncology social worker is available to provide support to you and your family. The social worker can provide services and make referrals to services that can help you get through all phases of your cancer journey, including information on your diagnosis and treatment and how it might impact your daily activities, work and family.

We offer relaxation techniques, support groups, individual counseling and family counseling. We can help you understand financial concerns such as insurance, disability, prescription assistance, home health, hospice and transportation to and from treatment. For more information on the services offered to hospital patients, call 225-924-8456.

Lymphedema Therapy

Physical and occupational therapists are available to help the patient be as independent as possible in her daily activities. Call 225-924-8450 for more information on Lymphedema Therapy.

Living With Cancer BlogLiving With Cancer Blog

Our newly created blog details the stories of women currently battling cancer, cancer survivors and the doctors and staff who treat them. Our writers discuss their ups and downs and share advice, worries and laughs with others experiencing those difficult times.

Woman to Woman Support Group

Woman’s provides a monthly support group for women with gynecological cancer. Regular meetings provide support and education for survivors and their families. Call 225-924-8456 for more information.


Celebrate Life

This annual event, sponsored by Woman’s Hospital’s oncology team, celebrates the lives of cancer survivors and their family members and the memory of those who died. This is an occasion to pause and reflect on the many joys life offers and examine ways we can celebrate life.

Women Living with Cancer
This annual education event focuses on a particular cancer related topic. Past topics have included genetics, fatigue, complementary medicine and self-help techniques. While these events are directed to survivors, they are open to any healthcare provider as well as members of the community.