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Breastfeeding at Home

Woman's Breastfeeding Guide
Woman's Breastfeeding Guide [pdf]

Your baby may not always give you the "I'm hungry" signals or always breastfeed well by the time he or she leaves the hospital, but the Woman's lactation consultants will be able to work with you to develop a discharge breastfeeding plan. Your breastfeeding plan will be designed with you and your baby's unique situation in mind.

Tips for Breastfeeding at Home

  • Our printable breastfeeding chart may help you mark daily feedings and diaper counts until your baby is gaining weight appropriately. 
  • Skin-to-skin contact may help you continue to produce milk and bond with your baby.
  • If your baby sometimes chokes during breastfeeding, he or she may be having difficulty controlling the milk flow during let-down. Most babies learn to handle milk let-down as they mature. Until then, you might try pumping through the let-down immediately before a feeding. Another option is to take the baby off the breast until the milk flow slows. Some mothers find it helps to position the baby so that the back of his or her throat is higher than the nipple. The milk then travels uphill during a let-down, which slows the flow.
  • Get support by staying in touch with the hospital lactation consultants and contacting a local breastfeeding support group.

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