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Your Baby

The first moments and days with your baby are precious. Caring for a newborn is one of life’s most rewarding and challenging experiences, and the healthcare professionals at Woman’s Hospital are committed to making your transition to motherhood as positive as possible. 

Our Care for Newborns Includes:

Bonding With Your Newborn

Holding Your Baby for the First Time

As soon as possible after your baby is born, we will hand the baby to you. As long as your baby does not need special attention, the two of you will stay in the Labor, Delivery and Recovery Room while you both recover from the birth.

This recovery time offers a chance to put your baby to the breast for the first feeding. Your baby will stay under an infant warmer or “skin-to-skin” with you under a warm blanket until his body temperature is stable.


Swaddling may be an ideal way for you to help calm and soothe your baby into more restful sleep. 


Educational Programming On Demand

You may select programming on the television in your patient room. You may choose informative and entertaining programs on topics of interest to new parents from the tv main menu. Multiple languages offered.