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Weight Loss at Woman's

How do you define a healthy weight?  Do you use the scale, pant size or “thin” people as measuring tools for your ideal weight?  Or do you evaluate your muscle tone, bone structure, and risk for disease?

Defining a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight can be best defined as a weight at which your overall health improves. Improvements include achieving a BMI within normal limits (18.5-24.9); achieving a body fat percentage less than 25; and improving blood work such as cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood sugar. You are probably still wondering: what is the “magic” number in pounds? Truth be told; there is not a definition of a healthy weight in pounds that is the same for two people.

Achieving a healthy weight is a journey that begins with commitment; a commitment to yourself to improve your health. Once committed, you have to begin to make changes in both your exercise and eating habits. Crash diets and exhausting exercise routines may reduce your weight quickly, but will not achieve or allow for maintaining a healthy weight. A balance of the right nutrients and calories with an appropriate exercise regimen will be essential in accomplishing and sustaining a healthy weight.

Weight Matters

We know that as different as women are, so are approaches to reaching successful weight loss goals. Woman's brings you support options including nutrition counseling, wellness classes & programs, and a 1.2 mile walking path around the new hospital campus.

Woman's Fitness Club Membership Fitness is not a resolution . . . it's a way of life. Being fit is about feeling healthy, strong and confident. Whether you're brand new to exercise, a health club maven, or would benefit from the motivation of a personal trainer, our area's premier women-only fitness facility will get you results in a comfortable atmosphere with people who care about you.
Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Lose weight fast. Woman's Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a medically designed, four phase plan that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle. On average, participants lose three to seven pounds each week.
Woman's Weight Loss Surgery If you're considering weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, you can rely upon the team at Woman's to be there for you every step of the way. Lose weight. Gain confidence. Change your life. Find out whether or not this is a good weight loss choice for you.