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Physicians Relocated at 500 Rue de la Vie

Woman’s Physician Office Building includes two towers, four and five stories each, and more than 249,000 square feet of medical office space. Ample parking is located in the front and on both sides of the building. The Physician Office Building connects to the hospital and houses doctor offices, Outpatient Lab, Mom and Baby Boutique, Subway restaurant, Pre-Surgery Center, and Outpatient Clinics.

The following physician practices relocated to the new Woman’s Physician Office Building in 2012. Woman's Hospital is open and has relocated hospital services. Woman’s current Goowood Boulevard location is now closed.

Associates in Women's Health Suite 310

Britani Bonadona, MD
Jolie Bourgeois, MD
Renée Harris, MD
Pamela Lewis, MD
Susan Puyau, MD
Yolunda Taylor, MD
Terrie Thomas, MD
Colette Blanchard, APRN, MSN
Deborah Ashford, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Phillip Barksdale, MD Suite 511
Baton Rouge OB/GYN Associates Suite 410
Mathew Abrams, MD
Francis Henderson, MD
Breast Specialty of Baton Rouge Suite 201
Michael Hailey, MD  
M. Giles Fort, MD
Suite 311
Gregory Heroman, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Suite 411
Suite 405
Shelley Davies, MD
Alston E. (Trey) Dunbar, III, MD
Angelle Klar, MD
Elizabeth Lindsay, MD
Donald Meyn, MD
Henry "Kip" Smith, MD
Steven Spedale, MD
Kimberly Stewart, MD
Cynthia Voelker, MD
Louisiana Breast Specialists Suite 212
Mary Elizabeth Christian, MD
Cecilia Cuntz, MD
Louisiana State University Suite 414

MIchael Bourgeois, MD
Ashley Cowart, MD
Geoffrey Gillen, MD
F.A. Moore, MD
Andrew Montz, MD
Duanne Edward Neumann, MD

Thomas W. Sparks, MD
Andrea Usher, MD
Juan Vargas, MD
Briana Wellington, MD

Rebecca Davis, APRN, CNM
Donna Delattore, MSN, WHNP

Louisiana Women's Center for Aesthetics (LWCA) Suite 103
Timothy Andrus, MD
Debra Baehr, MD
William D. Binder, MD
Frank Breaux, MD
Joseph Broyles, MD
Wendy Holden-Parker, MD
Sharon Lee, MD
Julius Mullins, Jr., MD
Michael Perniciaro, MD
Carol Ridenour, MD
Kirk Rousset, MD
Curtis Solar, MD
Kay Solar, MD
Louisiana Women's Healthcare Associates
Suite 100
Timothy Andrus, MD
Charles Aycock, MD
Jill Bader, MD
Debra Baehr, MD
William D. Binder, MD
Allyson Boudreaux, MD
Rebecca S. Boudreaux, MD
Frank Breaux, MD
Randall Brown, MD
Joseph Broyles, MD
Elizabeth Buchert, MD
Sarah Davis, MD
Ryan Dickerson, MD
Steven Feigley, MD
Wendy Holden-Parker, MD
Nicolle Hollier, MD
Sharon Lee, MD
Julie Martin, MD
Julius Mullins, Jr., MD
Amanda Pearson, MD
Michael Perniciaro, MD
Carol Ridenour, MD
Kirk Rousset, MD
Michael Schexnayder, MD
Curtis Solar, MD
Kay Solar, MD
James Stenhouse, MD
Sunshine Willet, MD
Barbara White, APRN
Rhonda Browning, APRN
Nita Lindsly, APRN
Vickie Mabile, APRN
Tessa Renaud, APRN
Drs. Schwartzenburg, Lafranca & Guidry, APMC Suite 210
Kristin Chapman, MD
Kathy Guidry, MD
Ann Lafranca, MD
Cheree Schwartzenburg, MD
Edward Schwartzenburg, MD
Ellis Schwartzenburg, MD
Gerald Stack, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Suite 310
A Woman's Center for Reproductive Medicine Suite 510
Bobby Webster, MD  
The Women's Clinic Suite 305
Nicole Chauvin, MD
Lisa Gautreau, MD
Jeffery Janies, MD
Shawn Kleinpeter, MD
Charles Lawler, MD
Laurie Whitaker, MD
Woman’s Outpatient Clinic Suite 515
Robert Ascuitto, MD - Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
Nancy R. Ascuitto, MD - Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
Duane Superneau, MD - Cancer Genetics Clinic
Andrew King, MD - Scoliosis Clinic
Joseph Ortenberg, MD - Pediatric Urology Clinic
Charlotte Hollman, MD - Neuro Development Clinic
Lalania Schexnayder, MD - Neuro Development Clinic
J. Kerry Howell, MD - Gastroenterology Clinic
Martha Paterson, MD - Metabolic Health Clinic
Woman’s Surgical Specialty Group Suite 407
General Surgery  
Alec Hirsch, MD
Michael Puyau, MD
Jose Echenique, MD
James “Bo” Altazan, PA-C
Louisiana Hematology-Oncology Associates Suite 513
Derrick W. Spell, MD, FACP
Kellie D. Schmeeckle, MD
Judd E. Patten, MD, PhD
Dermatology Clinic Suite 513
Tom J. Meek, Jr., MD
Harry A Burglass, Jr., MD
G. William Poché, MD
Jordan L. Whatley, MD
Amie B. Shannon, MD
Mary M. Dobson, MD
Lori N. Byrd, MD
Nicole D. Mathis, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
MFM is located in Woman's Hospital (not the POB)

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