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Digestive Care

Woman’s provides comprehensive services related to digestive and liver care.

Common symptoms:
Chronic abdominal pain
Chronic nausea or vomiting
Chronic bloating and gas
Chronic constipation
Persistent symptoms while taking medication

Common conditions:
Irritable bowel
Spastic colon
Viral hepatitis
Acid reflux disease
Biliary disease
Pancreatic disease
Peptic ulcer disease

Did you know?

  • Screening colonoscopies are 100 percent covered by insurance.
  • African Americans need to have a screening colonoscopy at age 45, not 50.
  • If you have a family history of early polyps, you will need a screening colonoscopy much earlier than age 50.
  • Chest pain that feels like a heart attack may actually be severe acid reflux, which needs treatment.
  • If you have had acid reflux for five years or more, you need a baseline upper endoscopy (EGD) to check for erosion in your esophagus.

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