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Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit

At Woman’s, the Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is equipped to care for sick or premature infants who require constant monitoring. Our single-family rooms allow intensive personalized care while providing space for families to spend more quality time with their baby, learn about their medical needs and participate in their care.

In the NICU, babies will receive around-the-clock care from neonatologists and a compassionate, caring team of specially trained nurses, respiratory, occupational, and physical therapists, as well as care techs and social workers.

Single-Family Rooms

We believe in the successful outcomes of family-centered care demonstrated in hospitals we have visited across the nation, and have incorporated these principles into every aspect of our services. Our 72-bed NICU is designed to focus on intensive care while encouraging family bonding. The unit includes 66 single-family rooms, six of which can accommodate families with twins and six other rooms designed for our longer term infants with developmental needs.

The single-family room design was adopted after much research and continual work on delivering quality care from our NICU staff. More importantly, we have paid attention to the insights from our patient’s families to guide our decisions. We listen to what their needs are to help them better navigate through this experience with their baby. The private rooms allow medical staff to focus on each infant’s specific needs, while giving moms and dads ample personal space to bond with their baby. The personal bonding space that an individual room provides is invaluable to a baby’s healing.

The Region's Most Advanced Care

We provide a very high level of specialized care for newborns and infants through 12 months of age. As a Level III Regional Referral Center, we are part of a select group of hospitals in the nation who can provide quality care for the smallest and sickest babies. We are also a member of the Vermont Oxford Network, a voluntary worldwide collaboration of hospitals dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical care for newborn infants and their families.

Because infants have very unique needs, we have a NICU operating room that is specifically designed for newborn and pediatric patients. It is staffed by pediatric physician surgical specialists and neonatal surgical nurses. Its location within the NICU eliminates the need to transport patients to other areas of the hospital for surgical procedure. This ability is available in a select few NICUs across the country. Additionally, the same staff members that treat infants before surgery will treat them afterward, providing continuity of care.

Around-the-Clock Specialized Care

Each baby's condition is monitored at all times by direct nursing observation, and by using the latest specialized equipment and technology available. An anesthesiologist and a neonatologist are available in-house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Less Stress for Baby and Family

The “under-the-sea” theme in the NICU was designed with a purpose. The Starfish, Fish, Turtle, Seahorse and Dolphin units help parents easily navigate the large space and while creating a cheery, but calming nursery-like environment.

We consider parents as a critical part of our care team, not as visitors. Since parents often spend countless hours with us, we designed the NICU Parent Classroom and NICU Parent Lounge especially for them. These areas allow us to educate parents on their infant’s individual care needs and provide a private space for parents to gather.

Strong Support

Many of our former NICU parents provide support to current parents through the NICU Parent Liaison program, and we are privileged to have volunteers for our Parent Advisory group to help us with policy making in the NICU.  In addition to our NICU social workers, we have a March of Dimes Family Support Specialist within our unit. Together they provide resources and opportunities for families who are going through similar situations to meet and support one another. For more information, call Social Services at 225-924-8456.