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Volunteers Make the Difference
Volunteers can be the hospital’s best public relations representatives. Active, well-informed volunteers can do much to build a good relationship between the hospital and the community by “telling the hospital’s story.” The hospital auxiliary is also a vital link between Woman's and the community.

No other department in the hospital provides similar services. Volunteers at every level provide uncompensated service throughout the hospital. The volunteer does not replace any paid employee. For more information, call 225-924-8156.

Join our team of volunteers at Woman's:

Core Group - (minimum commitment of 100 hours per year) Application and interview followed by the Human resources (HR) process of reference and background check, then drug screen. Certain volunteer benefits are extended to Woman’s core group. Apply online >>

The Cuddler Care program - Fully staffed at this time.
A Decade of Cuddling: Babies in Woman’s Hospital’s NICU and Special Care nursery have enjoyed the warmth, tenderness, and TLC of volunteer “Cuddlers.”

College Students - (requires commitment of 50 hours) Application, two letters of recommendation from teachers or advisors from the college of attendance, and interview. Apply online >>

Junior Volunteers - 2014 application process is closed.

Our Volunteers Are Active in Many Areas:

Welcome Center
Volunteers greet patients and visitors, transport patients to the Labor and Delivery unit, escort surgery patients to their rooms, assist patients with admitting and give room locations and directions.

Surgery Patient Information/Family Desk
Volunteers answer phones, provide information and directions, transfer calls and act as the liaison between patients in surgery and their families in the Surgery Waiting room. They also distribute patient mail; prepare mailings; collate information and distribute patient satisfaction surveys.

Labor and Delivery Information
Volunteers answer phones, provide information and directions, and act as the liaison between patients in the Labor and Delivery unit and their families in the waiting room.

Gift Shops
Volunteers assist with ordering, selling, displaying and wrapping gift items, children’s clothing, snacks, hosiery, books, magazines, candy, and plants.

Cuddler Care
“Cuddlers” provide support in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as directed by NICU staff. The role consists of providing “comfort” measures in the absence of parental interaction.

Oncology Support
Cancer survivors visit and provide support to cancer patients in the Gyn/Oncology unit at the request of Social Services, the patient’s oncologist, or the oncology staff.

Volunteers are called in on an as-needed basis for such functions as special projects or substitute status.