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Get Started on Your Transformation to Health

We are now offering our unique Woman's Ideal Weight Loss Program for both women and men.

The Program at Woman's 

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When you are ready to be empowered by the healthy success of weight loss, you will want to complete registration and make your first appointment.

Initial Appointment
To sign up for this program, complete this brief form to request your appointment, as part of your registration. Appointments are scheduled Monday - Thursday  7 AM-6:15 PM and Friday 7 AM-12:30 PM.

Health Profile

You will then complete the online Ideal Protein Health Profile form, or you may complete the Health Profile (PDF) and bring/fax it to Woman's Center for Wellness (fax: 225-922-3774). Once your Health Profile is reviewed by our registered dietitians you will be contacted to confirm your initial appointment.

If the information you provide in your health profile warrants your physician’s approval for the program, your physician will be notified. Your appointment will be scheduled only after receiving written approval from your physician.

Your $200 registration fee covers your initial 1-hour consultation with our trained nutrition and fitness staff plus weekly 15-minute appointments throughout your 4-phased program. Ideal Protein products are an additional cost and may only be purchased by qualified dieters.

Weekly Meetings
Your weekly meetings will be conducted by a member of our team. You meet weekly with us until your 5th week of Phase 4. At each meeting, we will review your food journal, weigh, and re-measure. As we review your food journal, we will work with you to create positive changes in your diet, and encourage you to continue successfully throughout the program. We encourage our dieters to ask questions and communicate any concerns or positive tips that we can share with all of our dieters.