Woman's exceptional care, centered on you

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At Woman's, every member of our staff is dedicated to providing excellent service and exceptional care. We call our philosophy of service excellence the "Woman's Touch."

Comments and suggestions are invaluable to us in our efforts to continually improve everything we do. If you want to pass on a compliment, or have a problem that cannot be resolved by your nurse or a staff member, please call our Patient Relations Representative at 225-924-8380.

If you would like to talk with a member of our Administrative Team, you are welcome to do so by calling 225-927-1300.

Administrative Team
Teri Fontenot

Senior Vice President/
Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Anderson

Senior Vice President/
Medical Staff Services

Nancy Crawford

Senior Vice President/
Chief Nurse Executive/ Nursing Services

Patricia Johnson, RN, MN

Senior Vice President/
Support Services

Stan Shelton

Chief Medical Officer
Susan Puyau, MD

Vice President/
Finance/Revenue Cycle
Greg Smith

Vice President/
Employee Services

Donna Bodin

Vice President/
Information Systems

Paul Kirk

Vice President/
Infant/Pediatric Services

Staci Sullivan, MSN, APRN-BC

Vice President/
Perinatal Services

Cheri Johnson, RNC-OB, BSN

Chief Development Officer
Beverly Brooks Thompson, CFRE