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Weight Loss Surgery: Physical Activity and Exercise

With your decision to become healthier through weight loss surgery at Woman's, you become part of a team that will support your decision, because surgery is not the final solution to managing your weight; it is a tool.

We offer you a support system that includes experts in fitness and nutrition to help you learn good eating and exercise habits.

While you are not required to participate, we can offer you a safe and appropriate level of activity and exercise.

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is essential to your treatment and recovery. Physical activity can:

  • Increase your energy
  • Boost your metabolism by building and maintaining muscle
  • Decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve blood sugar
  • Make you feel better!

Step #1 - Discuss Your Options

During your post-operative nutritional appoint with a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiologist will meet with you to review your options and will discuss discounted programs and membership because you are a part of this unique program. The Exercise Physiologist will answer your questions you have in the areas of exercise, physical activity and will help you structure an appropriate exercise plan based on your surgery date, health and exercise history. The Fitness Club offers a variety of classes, programs and membership options that will help you reach your greatest potential for long term results.

Step #2 - Decision Time

Upon your release for activity, you may schedule an appointment with an exercise physiologist to determine if you should attend our Forward Motion monthly program or go directly into our Medical Membership.

After this appointment, you will begin with either an evaluation with a physical therapist for Forward Motion, or an assessment with one of our medical personal trainers for Medical Membership.

Step #3 - Moving On!

Once you have completed your three-month medical membership, you are eligible to join the Fitness Club as a general member. You do receive 50% off the initiation fee if you decide to join.

Your trainer will continue to follow your progress as you transition to a Club member.

Forward Motion, Medical Membership and General Fitness Club Memberships all include:

  • Goal setting
  • Fitness testing and assessment
  • Exercise basics
  • Exercise do's and don'ts
  • How to progress
  • Beginning strength training
  • Working out at home

Because we are a women-only facility, we assure you that you will feel comfortable in this setting.