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Weight Loss Surgery: Get Started

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“Now I’m in control, not the food.”

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Get started by contacting our Bariatric Nurse Coordinator, an experienced registered nurse for a private, “in person” or telephone confidential appointment. The coordinator’s role is to help you determine if you are a weight loss surgery candidate, answer questions, review your health insurance policy for weight loss surgery coverage, discuss fees, and direct you to bariatric surgeons who perform weight loss surgery at Woman’s Hospital.



During your initial weight loss surgery consultation, you can expect your surgeon to discuss with you all procedures offered, including risks and benefits, and answer all of your questions. Your surgeon will perform a physical assessment and review your goals, medical history to determine if you are a surgical candidate and if your needs can be met.  The consultation is intended to be educational and comfortable. We want you to be completely informed when making a decision about weight loss surgery.

After scheduling surgery, you will be contacted to plan a screening day (within 30 days of your surgery date) in which all your lab work, dietary consultation, radiological and respiratory testing will take place. You will meet with the Bariatric Nurse Coordinator, who will discuss the program with you, answer any questions you may have, review financial responsibility, and escort you to all your diagnostic testing appointments. A Registered Dietitian will teach you about new lifestyle that will to ensure success and maintain health. The dietitian will work with you to tailor a plan based on your medical history and preferences.  You will leave with the knowledge of how to prepare for surgery and life after surgery.  You will and receive a visit from a dietitian while in the hospital and will follow up two weeks after surgery.

You will meet with your primary care physician who will review all your testing results and clear you medically for surgery.  If you are not established with a physician, that the Bariatric Nurse Coordinator will be able to arrange a visit with a physician who will see you for the purpose of a pre-operative clearance for an additional fee.

Your Pre-Surgery telephone appointment will take place the last business day before your surgery. The Pre-Admit Registered Nurse will notify you of arrival and surgical times, pre-operative and post-operative instructions, directions to the hospital, parking and will answer any last minute questions.

Monthly Support

Woman’s Hospital also provides monthly support group meetings, which we find are a valuable resource to weight loss patients. The meetings offer education, encouragement, insight, and support by our facilitators to help reach and maintain weight loss goals. The meetings are available to any weight loss surgery patient in the community.

We hope this gives insight as to how our program is structured and how it may work for you. Please know that our Bariatric health care team is here to serve you and all your weight loss needs. Our best to you as you continue on your journey for a happier and healthier life.