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Custom Earmolds

Adapted for iPod Generation
Custom earmolds are now available to anyone with an iPod or MP3 player wanting to enjoy their latest download. iPod earmolds are made to fit an individual’s ears, reduce external noise, and bring the earmold user closer to their music. They can be used with the Apple iPod™ line of earbuds or any other MP3 player earphones. Also, earmolds offer a snug and comfortable fit. Individuals who use their iPods while exercising no longer have to worry about their earpieces falling out.

To create the custom mold, silicon is syringed into the individual’s ear canals. After a few minutes, the mold becomes firm and is removed from the ear canal. The mold is then sent to an earmold laboratory along with the earbud headset to create a custom fitting mold. Customers also have the benefit of choosing between several color options. Custom earmolds are then available for fitting and pick-up within 1 to 2 weeks. Cost is approximately $90.

Custom-made swim molds
Custom-made swim molds, designed to keep water out of the ear canal, are also available. These earmolds are best for children who have frequent swimmer's ear infections or pressure equalization tubes.

A custom-fitting session is available through the audiology/hearing services at Woman's Center for Wellness. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Woman's Hospital audiology/hearing services at 225-924-8700 extension 3267.

Custom Hunter’s Molds
Listen to your Mother, don’t let your family’s hearing go unprotected this hunting season! Custom hunter’s molds allow normal hearing while protecting the ear from the impact noise of gun shots. And our custom molds just take a week to make. Make sure your hunters’ hearing is protected so they always hear you say, “because I said so.”

Call Woman’s Hospital audiology/hearing services at Woman's Center for Wellness at 225-924-8450 for an appointment today.