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Labor and Delivery


The Big Day Is Here

The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to get ready to go to the hospital to deliver. You are full of excitement, and you have lots of questions—what do we need to do, where do we need to go, what will happen when we get to the hospital?

Before You Leave Home

Call Your Doctor and Woman's

When labor begins, first call your doctor and then call the Admissions Department at 225-924-8117. Let them know if you have registered for OB EXPRESS.

  • Scheduled induction
    scheduled c-section patients may report to Admitting through the Hospital Main Entrance, with nearby parking in lots B and C.
  • Women in labor go first to Woman’s Assessment Center to be admitted into the hospital.

If you are scheduled to be induced, please call Labor and Delivery (LDR) at 225-924-8176 and ask for the charge nurse before leaving home. She will tell you if you should still plan to arrive at the hospital at the scheduled time, or if you should continue to rest comfortably at home.

Get Yourself Ready

Please make sure to:

  • Shower with an antibacterial soap
  • Dry with a freshly washed towel
  • Put on freshly washed clothes after you shower
  • Put suitcases in the car
  • Properly install the car seat for baby’s first ride home

Please do not shave or wax your abdomen, thighs or the area around your vagina for at least a week before delivery. Shaving with a razor can nick the skin, which increases the risk of getting a wound infection. If hair needs to be removed for your delivery, nurses will do it at the hospital with a clipper designed for hospital hair removal.

Arriving at the Hospital - Drop-Off for Those Arriving to Deliver

Women in labor
Go first to Woman’s Assessment Center to be admitted into the hospital. Parking spots lead directly to the Assessment Center—the first point of entry for a woman in labor. A temporary parking lot [PDF] is beside the covered Assessment Center entrance. Please bring in the small bag of supplies for labor and delivery and any forms or consents from your doctor, but leave the suitcase of clothes for mom and baby locked in the trunk until after the baby is born.

Tell the admissions representative your name and if you are an OB EXPRESS patient. She will pull your file and apply your identification bracelet. If you have not completed your registration in advance of labor, you will need to sign admission forms when you arrive at the hospital.

Assessment Center
Evaluation: If you are in labor, you will be transferred to the birth suite. If you are not sure you are in labor, you will be observed in the Assessment Center for up to four hours. If it is determined that you are not in labor, you will need to pre-register again in preparation for your return to the hospital once you are in active labor.

Women with a scheduled procedures
Scheduled induction and scheduled c-section patients may report to Admitting through the Hospital Main Entrance, with nearby parking in lots B and C. You will then be admitted to the Labor and Delivery unit.

Preparing for Labor

A nurse will take you to your private room, which is equipped with a bathroom, television and a recliner. You will be asked to dress in a hospital gown. Your nurse will place monitors on your stomach to check you and your baby. Intermittent monitoring is available should your condition allow. She will ask questions about your medical history, explain procedures and have you fill out a consent form.


While in labor, a nurse assigned to you will keep your doctor informed of your labor progress. She will check on you frequently; she will not be with you constantly unless your condition makes it necessary. Once you are ready for the pushing stage, you will have a nurse solely dedicated to you.

Visitors During Labor

We understand that family and friends are excited about the birth of the baby and may be waiting in the Labor and Delivery Waiting room. One of your family members will be given a beeper to be notified when everyone can visit after the baby is born. We encourage all visitors to be very thoughtful about time spent in the hospital with the new family and suggest helpful hints for visitors.

We encourage you to have a labor support person. A support person can provide a great deal of comfort just being there. This person may be your partner, baby’s dad, friend, parent, or professional labor coach called a doula.