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Your Recovery: Activity After Going Home
After going home, you may continue activities performed after surgery during your hospitalization.

General Activities
Have a common sense approach to activity. The general rule to follow is “If it hurts, don’t do it.”

  • Plan on resting and lying down several times during the day when you first go home. Have short periods of activity followed by periods of rest. Ask your doctor if you can do other exercises.
  • Limit stair climbing for the first few days after surgery. If you have stairs in your house, plan ahead so you have to make only one to two trips per day up and down the stairs.*
  • It is most helpful to gradually increase your activities of daily living. Do not try to return to all responsibilities at one time.
  • Ask your doctor when you can drive and begin your other normal activities.
  • Do not do heavy housework, grocery shopping, or take long outings without your doctor’s permission. Do not lift heavy objects, including toddlers!
  • Resume sexual intercourse only after you have discussed this with your doctor.*
  • Breast surgery patients should not lift more than 5 pounds.

* Not applicable to breast surgery patients.

After going home you may continue with the approved exercises you performed during your hospitalization. Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. For additional information on wellness programs offered at the Woman's Center for Wellness call 924-8450.

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